Let the creative feminine vibe inspire you!

    Let the creative feminine vibe inspire you!

    We help you to better understand your female audience.

    Meet exceptionally motivated go-getters, gain insight into innovations from a female perspective, help bringing fresh (groundbreaking) solutions (ideas) into life.


    Visionary solutions to challenges with a womanly edge.

    Spot kick-ass talent!

    We help you to meet ambitious game-changers with distinctive experience and a dynamic mindset.

    Take advantage of diversity.


    Position your organization as a progressive equal opportunity employer.

    A gender diverse workforce understands diverse needs and markets better, and has an increased performance of at least 15%.

    For more information on Women in leadership roles and performance.

    Build trust and trendify your brand!

    We help you to associate your brand with diversity.

    Elevate your reputation. Win the heart of your (female) audience.


    The X generation and Millennials grew up in a diverse society which they embrace. Show your target market that you care about their values.

    Welcoming diversity is a must for business success today.


    Empowering women gives your organization an attractive modern edge.

    Supporting diversity builds trust in your brand with a diverse target market.

    Take a risk, yet play it safe!

    We help you to reduce your risk with our pre-vetted startups!

    We help you to generate enhanced return on your investment!

    Trusted deal flow means less risk.


    Looking to generate outsized returns by investing into rapidly growing startups?

    21% success rate in raising capital amongst WSC finalists, compared to the market average of 2.5% (Based on Gust report)

    Have you heard that startups with female founders perform 63% better?

    WSC in numbers:


    4 years

    23 events

    785 applications

    217 entrepreneurs mentored

    47 full-fledgedly prepared finalists

    10+ startups funded

    21% success rate in raising capital


    WSC European road show tour dates and locations

    2018. January - 2018. September


    February 6-7 Prague - Czech Republic
    February 16-17 Cluj-Napoca - Romania
    March 9-10 Vantaa - Finland
    March 14-15 Warsaw - Poland
    April 6-7 London - UK
    April 20-21 Vienna - Austria
    April 27-28 Budapest - Hungary
    May 11-12 Padua - Italy
    May 23-24 St. Petersburg - Russia
    May 25-26 Moscow - Russia
    June 8-9 Berlin - Germany
    June 15-16 Brussels - Belgium
    September 15th - FINAL DEMO DAY London


    Opportunities for Partners


    We do not believe in ‘one fits all’ solutions that hardly provide a perfect fit for any at all.

    We are in favour of a personalized collaboration with our Partners based on your goals, needs and wildest requests.